Watch my first Superbowl commercials / by Charlene Wang

With Superbowl Weekend coming up this weekend, it would be the perfect time to share the first Superbowl, er "Big Game" commercials (an iconic media category of its own) i had the chance to work on, which you can now watch below.  

They are all pretty fun and I posted them in the order of ones I liked best 

I was the Art/Wardrobe Assistant working with Art Director and Production Designer CJ Dockery.

I would say my responsibilities went far beyond that title since I shopped for all the props, some of the set dressing and decor, and all the wardrobe.  It was more like I was Set Decorator, Props, and Wardrobe. 

Additionally I was the on set go-to for props and wardrobe as well as helping out with food styling and hair and make-up touch ups (!) for all three segments. 

It was really fun working with the legendary UCBComedy team to produce these.

Being around so many professionally funny people made for a great atmosphere and mood on set which is always enjoyable when the days are long and the stress high. 

One of the small details I'm proud of and want to share is the black bean dip featured in the Quarterback spot:

The script called for a black bean dip which the Quarterback (a funny Natasha Vaynblat) to dip her fingers into to spontaneously create those iconic quarterback black stripes. 

I had a hard time finding black bean dip that looked convincing on camera as a dip and that would also create the black stripes on her cheeks.  Refried black beans you buy in the grocery store look like a mushy grey gravel and don't create any lasting impression when wiped on the skin. 

In the end I came up with the idea of using refried black beans from a can, whole canned black beans to create a better and "bean-ier" texture, and then mixing in black acrylic paint for the depth of color as well as the ability to create those black stripes (and wash off easily!).