A favorite prop decoration / by Charlene Wang

I just wrapped a web series shoot as the Production Designer where I spent the time immersed in creating the aesthetic of a bunch of 20-something bros (screen grabs of all the different sets coming soon!).  

When I was looking for dressings to decorate an apartment to look like a bunch of aimless 20-something guys had taken over, I instantly fell in love with this mariachi man cut-out.  It was just so playful and funny in a nonsensical way. 

And apparently the people at Build It Green have also become so attached to him, that the only way they let me borrow it is to promise I would bring it back. 

So with a final shot on set with our favorite decoration (if we look tired, haggard, and unkempt this was the last hour of a week long shoot):

we had to return him to his home in front of the Build it Green cash register how we found him: