Self-Pity Still Life / by Charlene Wang

Living the Dream1.jpg

I just finished working on a web series, Living the Dream with Production Designer Amy Howard, where we had to create a scene showing a character feeling sorry for herself and binging on comfort food.  

Don't you love how cheese puffs, ice cream, gummy candy, and that iconic Chinese take-out box is synonymous with "character-descended into-feeling-sorry-for-herself?"

One of my favorite quips from The Mindy Project is from Season 1 where Mindy is laying on the floor of her office post-breakup and tells her intern to "just keep feeding me sour straws."

(If my internet game was better, I would insert an awesome GIF of that scene here, sorry to disappoint my game isn't there yet)

I love the "self-pity still life" of all the junk food we created.  

Living the Dream2.jpg